The Gender.

There was a country bull
Nurtured with grass and eatables
The oil cake it liked much
That too made as a drink
He was so proud and beauty
Strengthened the muscles in years
Stood at heights its neck and head
Everyone loved the little one
Without knowing it is growing
As to the mightier one a Bullock
In full shape and beauty it grown
While it was easily handled by everyone
Including the little girls of home
One day it showed its displeasure
And tried to attack a boy who cared it well
While it was planned to grow it a seed bull
Later it decided to change it as work bull
Use to plough the land in rainy season
Or to sell it for a bullock cart owner
Finally the family opted the second one
And one day I saw the new owner in ways
Nearby standing the bullock with long jaws
When I closely looked the dear one
The prettier one in years back
Something noticed Unusual
It was already emasculated one
The masculine beauty lost forever.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Comments (4)

Very true said. nice write.
I love to read love stories. I love to even write love stories. I want to listen to love stories. Even if they are conjured up, I love to listen to them. Even if I do not find real love, I wouldn't mind having a pretense of it, as long as it touches my heart. So, I agree to what the poet has said here, and corroborate what Lorraine Colon has said in her comment.
Indeed, we need love stories. We need this pretense to give a meaning to our lives. And nothing thrills us more than the idea of being loved. You are so perceptive.
A Beautiful poem. Very true said, But love stories we need. Only its conjured spirit makes some sense of our existence! Many love stories aren't real as we presume to be. Some are imagination too. Many love to read love stories. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing with us.