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Love Story

Said love to me one day,
'Hi, how are you?
But, alas! he spoke sadly
I must move away
I want, but cannot stay'

Said love to me another day
'Hi, hitch a ride, for i swear;
A long, long, time, willingly,
Together can we journey'

Said love to me in his
Charming oh so sweet way
'Excuse me shall we play'
Mmmm, play er sweet love today

Then one day; I said to love
'Oh hush! you galant belamour
You've said your say!
My heart i shall hide away! '

But Love smiled, and spoke
To me in the strangest way,
And with that everspeaking
Voice did say 'I Am Love',
That’s all He said

And pondering in silence;
There, i had my say,
'No! i will no more! hear!
Nor blush! nor sigh!
Be off! you sweet schmoozer! '

So i opened my mouth, wide;
To speak words from
Deep within my heart;
Syllables; No! Nev! Er! More!

And out from my lips,
They rolled, sweetly formed,
From deep, deep, deep, within
My heart; 'My Beloved...'
- 2009

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Soliloquizing Love Story? Presentation is good one…10 Ms. Nivedita UK
Very charming poem. Thanks....! ! !