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Love Story
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Love Story

Poem By Helene Sawyer

Every thing was just going great.
But that one day, it was a terrible fate.
Jealously had torn him apart.
Just seeing her with him,
Drove him over the edge

Driving the 45 minutes,
To his house in the country
With a knife and rope on the front seat,
When he pulled in the drive way,
He saw her car

Looking in his bedroom window
He saw him and her on his bed
Cuddeld up next to a fire

He startred to kiss her lightly,
With his arm around her
Smiling and laughing
Tears come to his eyes,

Knowing that it was the same way with him
Looking down at the rope, and the gun
He knew something had to be done.
He just let the rope drop,

Walked back to his car, and drove away
On the way back home,
A drunk driver had hit him,
Sending him out of control
It was too late
Rushing hin to the hospital
Bad bleeding

While he drove her home,
He saw his car and sighed
Tears started to build up in his eyes
He drove them to the hospital

He asked for her ex,
They ran down to his room
Saw him in that condition,
He saw them and smiled

He held her hand and softly said
'I saw you guys tonight. It gave me such a fright. Knowing that it was you and me. I got so full of jealousy. I still love you and wish you well.' He kissed her hand and then her lips
Saying his last words
'Sorry I wasn't good enough. I still love you my angel'
And he died holding her hands
Her boyfriend looking at the ground

Taking her other hand,
He led her outside
Took her by the hand, and kissed her lips
Saying in her ear
'I love you. I would die for you'

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