Love Story (Poem)

Let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
The girl was in love
Oh what joy
The boy loved her
As well
And they were happy together
You could tell
But as time went on
They only wanted to be friends
It was sad
But they knew it had to end
So her and S________
Let each other go
Then another boy showed up
And he let her her know
That he had feelings for her
She didn't believe him at first
But then she gave in
He was the only one who could calm her hearts thirst
The girl thought he loved her
So she gave him everything she had
Then he broke her heart
Isn't that so sad
The girl cried and cried
Until she couldn't anymore
She called his name
But he just ignored
Three months passed
Of the girl's misery and pain
Three months of tears
As numerous as drops of rain
But the boy didn't care about
What the girl was going through
He forgot about the times
When he whispered 'I LOVE YOU'
The girl began to think
And she realized he wasn't worth the tears
That she had to move on
That there wasno point in staying here
She learned to live without him
And completely erased him from her mind
She looked for another one kind of like him
But there wasn't anyone she could find
He didn't see what he had, he was stupid
And J_______ was his name
He took her for granted
He played a stupid game
After all the girl's looking
She finally found 'The One'
They started off as friends
And together had lots of fun
Their friendship turned into love
And they started going out
They loved each other
Without a single doubt
They would spend every moment together and shared their first kiss
Enjoying each moment of time
Ch_________ is as far as I know
The best thing in this rhyme
During this relationship
The girl liked another guy
But they could never be together
Oh how this is a lie
I'll get further into that later
For now her boyfriend was all she wanted
But unfortunately
Memories of J_______ still haunted
But she was still happy with Christopher
And cared about no other person
But as time passed by
She felt their relationship worsen
It all happened when her friend Crystal
Said that C____ liked her too
But they supposedly could never be together
She didn't know what to do
So she just said yes to C____
And told Ch__________ good-bye
And told everyone she was over him
But oh how this was a lie
But as time passed she eventually forgot him
And now C____ was the only one in her heart
Even though they weren't together,
A thousand miles apart
But before long
They came closer together
And they lasted
What everyone thought as forever
In this time S________ and Ch__________ got closer to her
And got inside her head
And before she knew it
She thought she wanted Ch__________ instead
But she didn't end it with C____
It'd a good thing she did not
But she wasn't happy
And she forgot
How happy she was in the beggining
Soon she straightened out how she feels
And then she realized
That what she felt for Ch_________ wasn't real
That she loved C_____
With all of her heart
And that she would cry
If they ever were apart
But her friends hated that
And wanted to break up the two
But she didn't care
She'll do what she wants to do
She loved C____
And he loved her too
And that all that matters in this love story (poem)
That I just told you

by M.A. Ces

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