Love & Sucide

Today I thought of sucide
I thought to end my life
This world is cruel
I hate this world
there's nothing left for me.
I got the rope, i tied the loop
And climbed up in the tree.
I said good-bye
And thought i'd die
And then i heard a small voice say,
I love you sis. I love you Krys
I thought about my little friend
Who stood looking up at me.
With tears in my eyes I finally realized
If there's nothing left for me
I'll stay for my baby sister who
has only me.

by Krystle Newberry

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KRYSTLE Jesus Loves You So Much... I want you to read my poem 'Princess Wanted' Don't you ever give up if you ever get that thought that's the devil just rebuke it and hold on to the promises of God, because He cannot lie, You keep Living Debbie B.
I agree with Nathan...beautiful...well written and well felt Krystle.
This is beautiful........ That's all I can say
i think this is your best yet i rellay like it and have a merry christmas Love Chris