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Love That I Will Possible Be Without

You probably were fooling around
just teasing my heart with what i cannot have
pulling and pulling farther and deeper into love
just to shove the knife in my back and to kill what we could have had

You say you love a fickle man
a man who impregnated you
while you were gone he spread his genes
spreading his vile genetic tree

He is with another woman
and he controls you because of your maternal instincts
you say you love him but dont like him
you even tell me you dont think the marriage will last

So for why are you gonna leave me
leave someone crazily in love with you
who wont leave you for any woman in this world
or by any hardship?

Now i see i must move on
let you go through with what you believe is right
however i doubt that you will have a strong marital status
if deep down you dont even think it will last

I may still be waiting for you
for you are everything in a girl i dream of
and without you by my side,
i cant dream of going through with life

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thats sucks.. the topic that is. keep on keepin on.. write more! ! ! !