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Love That Once Blossomed
SS (26th of December 1979 / Philippines)

Love That Once Blossomed

Poem By sweet seven

When I first saw you
It was your interview,
You made my heartbeats fast
Just by giving you a glance.

When you’re being interviewed
Can’t help staring at you,
Hiding my smile as you smile
Wishing they were all mine.

When you got hired
I was re-assigned,
But love has its mystery
Makes way to begin a destiny.

From that moment there on
Love begins to blossom,
Making everything wonderful
Like a dull room colorful.

We find strength in each other
Promised to overcome all barriers
Along our journey to forever
As unbeatable “one” together.

While love has its own magic
Life has its own cruel tricks,
Making things that were so ironic
Giving my heart a terrible prick.

Now I’m lying in my bed
With thoughts of you in my head,
While making this poem
About a love that once blossomed.


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Its touching...the poem...what really went wrong? If they are your true feelings i pray for you.