Love That Was Lost

'You are my past, my love
and also my regret
that for many, many years
my thoughts tried to reach you
but you are unreachable
you are nowhere to be found
that in dreams I tried to hold you
but you are untouchable
for in our time...
we have loved with so much love
for many have said
I will never have you
but they were proven wrong
for you have loved me then
loving me too with so much love
maybe if I did not have you
it will be unrequited love
but I had you then
for we both loved with so much love
only that I lost you
without any formal closure
the reason why this old feelings
keeps coming back
I'm now like the winds drifting
through the clouds
passing endlessly through dawns
and twilights
thinking of love that once existed
love that was lost
now trying to find.'

by Jesus Diaz Llorico

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