(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Love That

Love and to be loved is probability
When she says I love you
Gentle breeze whisper world is new

Love that, is expected give itself back
Love no Agape-But
Something discrete and unpredictable,
Is not love at all

Love that, undivided-Can't be into two's
Can't be in flavor, taste, relative

Love that, total dedication,
Freedom, devotion, attention
Bounding foundation of truths

Love that, holds conformity between mind
And expected love in return

Love that, begins with strong feelings
Ends with casts, religions
Judgments, decisions, demands
Illusions, promises, priorities, options
Lies, selfishness, anger, negations
Negation is the failure of agreement
Leads to indeterminacy

Love that, not a game
A policy, a trick, a scheme
What is it that make it to float on
Chaos, paradoxes and perplexities?

Love that, but is give and take
Where units speak of its oneness

Love that, being as
One, true, loyal, beautiful when
She says I hate you she means
Take her hand and don't look back

Love that love of God and love towards God
Play act of pure giving without self benefit

Love that nothing is sought in return
What then-Is another name for love
love and to be loved is probability?

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Langston Hughes


Comments (2)

Love more and that will be high probability to be loved more....no matter how much probability we may see in number, hardly still have a very lil number of not to be loved, but what is matter here. if u love yourself too dont let another disappointment discouraged you. True love will never hurt but a temporary love will.. no matter what kind of love is, LOVE not mean to be hurt, but its cruel heart that made it feel another way round. If someone cant give the same, be fine but love self more..because u worth it
Very astute and wonderful depiction of all that love is and is not! Give and take, unconditional love is the most beautiful love there is. All the rest is but love with all it's negativity and expectancy of something in return. Great poem, very thoughtful, filled with insight and candid truths! Love this poem, Aabid! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn