Love The Light That Had Brought The Love

A word to describe a passion or a phrase

A love to pursue those golden days

Wether in dark or light

Playing this game with lovers might

Though i ache and i break
my love for you shall never fade
for with your touch your skin so warm
the sweeping sensation flows through me at an oceans grace
and love is but another understatement.

Falling fro you with my knees blood ridden and my eyes
weeping for you, escape my tongue a scream chilling
an infants bones, prelude hell and back for love, returning
with a wisp of ash and the scene of pride. Yet again
dumbstruck by your curing beauty

The image shall not fade, nor would i long for it to.
the beauty in one so young, an amazement. yet a
truer beauty in the love i feel for her, love that is
bounded by God's golden thread.

Forever is long lasting, though not long enough
for the fruit of love still grows when thy holder
is buried deep in the earth, a love made one with
life, giving the earth its luscious green wonderland..

I drift to sleep in hopes that my love will dwindle in
my dreams, that she'll be waiting to steal my sleeping
breath, and making it hers, and so with it I may
experience the sensuality that so many a men crave
yet do not deserve. yet what man shall deserve
what he has not yet earned, a love to work for and
love in return will be shown through the most exotic
yet sweetest of ways.

And on on again, to the baby's laughter, the
heartwarming experience of a god given
father, and till the day of department a light kiss
and a feathered hug will be the nutrition of life.

The past in smoldering ruins. Soon to be forgotten
the days that had pushed life to the edge, for in the
ashes love grows and returns stronger then it had
ever been...

by Chris Tiganescu

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