NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

Love-The Mutiny Within

Somewhere the deep chasm of love
follows the path of comforts of obscurity
An abstract notion that seems like oysters
On a rock bed unfurling the pearl within

Trodding and the cherubic aimless tiptoeing
Little murmurs mimicking the chirping birds
Mosaic of sounds and scenes and the tumult within
While the heart floats in air the mind lurks in fear

Senses out grow as the pleasures within fail
Coldness so discomforting as the harshness of warmth
Passion is not just joy but a hard painful herald
Of journey of an unknown destination

Reflexes of the heart for the tough battle with mind
Murmurs of ecstacy within those flashes of memory
why poems are best written from a jilted heart
why lines rhyme when souls leave the entwine

Patterns of the life’s drift are never cleary seen
In the ecstacy of the warmth seeking within
Reaching out for another chapter for the battle never won
Love always a brilliant epitah of a broken soul

Fidelity of souls is what makes love survive
The struggle the purifying of burning embers fly
Faith of this abstract notion to revive
Countless mutinies within, tribute for every era gone by

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