Are You A Presenter>

A funny thing.
'Are you a presenter? '
Enquired Mr Singh.
I wish I had yes.
But I'm too honest you see.
Saying yes couild have got some fame.
People saying my name.

RadioXl I had gone to see.
About a ticket that I had won.
I hd got to the front door.
I had found my favourite presenters chatting away.
Happy souls in their game, .
Just so that listeners could say my name.

by Ibrar Siddiqi

Comments (5)

Absolutely stunning, loved the word play and the theme.
The Acts of Gods, and God-like Men - - - - - I love lines that turn back in on themselves.
Thoughts! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
And Acts Divine.... Thanks for posting....
wow is true love for the art of poetry!