Chaos Of Life

Are you confused and a bit worried
Feeling  very heavy and frustrated
Just close your eyes for a while
Listen to your favorite music
Take a deep breath and relax
Or share it with someone dear
And you will feel lighter
Smile and face the situation boldly
You are incharge to handle
Because worrying is worse
than the actual outcome

by Rini Shibu

Comments (5)

I think that's a great idea, Helgard, and there could be more to say, with this neat parallel. But we're terrible snobs about our English skills here on this site - be warned - but don't give up! !
this poem was strong in the beggining but seemed to fade towards the end.keep your poems strong throughout the poetry.Nice job anyway :)
Hi, My native language is Afrikaans which is kinda similiar to Dutch and a little bit of german
Is your native language German? H
Nice Attempt. Keep them coming