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Love Through The Lens
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

Love Through The Lens

Love is like a Photo,
Sometimes Clear, sometimes Faint,
Some you've Lost, some you've Gained.

All depend on the Lens that Sees,
Landscapes, Portrait in Beauty and Glamour,
Filled with Leaves in the Finest Detailed Manner.

Like Opening your Shutter,
And Setting the Speed,
All Depends on the Image you Need.

Setting the Aperture high or low,
Focus the Length near or far,
this will raise or lower the Bar.

Setting up the Tripod,
Increases the Stability,
However limits your Mobility.

Quality depends on the Film you use,
My advice, Look for the Extra Layer,
catch your Image like a Lammergeyer.

Maintain your Lens by using your Kit,
Keep your Photo's in a lifelong Album,
Create Memories that will never fade away...

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Comments (5)

I think that's a great idea, Helgard, and there could be more to say, with this neat parallel. But we're terrible snobs about our English skills here on this site - be warned - but don't give up! !
this poem was strong in the beggining but seemed to fade towards the end.keep your poems strong throughout the poetry.Nice job anyway :)
Hi, My native language is Afrikaans which is kinda similiar to Dutch and a little bit of german
Is your native language German? H
Nice Attempt. Keep them coming