Love In The Park

The old park bench stood empty,
It's wood now old and worn,
She walked towards her favourite spot,
Her coat a shade of fawn.

Her legs were tired and weary,
The sun shone on her face,
She sat beneath the old oak tree,
This was their special place.

She opened up her old straw bag,
Then placed her hand inside,
She grasped the tattered photograph,
Then placed it by her side.

There he was, her handsome chap,
This very place they met,
Her heart now aching for her love,
Her eyes now glazed and wet.

They'd met upon a sunny day,
He stopped to say hello,
Smartly dressed in his Sunday suit.
Their eyes skipped to and fro.

Their meetings here a regular thing,
Love blossomed very fast,
With talk of marriage in the air,
Their love would surely last.

But she never forgot those words he said,
I have to go to war!
A scene that she would never forget,
As he waved from the old train door.

Killed by friendly fire,
Such a cruel twist of fate,
Heartache for her one true love,
Forever she would wait.

Goodbye my love,
She sadly says,
As she makes the long trip home,
You'll stay with me forever,
For here, I'm not alone.

by Jayne Davies

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