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Love To Cherish Uncertainty
DM (26.11.87 / delhi)

Love To Cherish Uncertainty

Those eloquent dark eyes,
burning with pain,
in the flames of sorrow.
Trying to see through blurring life,
darkness seems to eclipse the sight.
Mirroring aloud the throbbing heart,
dropping like pearls
From this ocean, aghast!
Hope seems to go astray,
breaking the promises, flouting away.
There, they close forever and ever…..

Why death comes uninformed?
Leaving behind everything deformed…
So uncertain this life could be,
never had imagined so deeply.

But, how can this be a valid reason,
to deny the spring that follows ‘autumn season’?

Flowers will continue to remind their presence,
To spread their colours and spray their fragrance.

Though, there is no end to sorrow,
spreading Love is the art to borrow.
Value ‘The Gift’ HE has granted,
cherish ‘The Fruits’ HE has planted.

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Comments (4)

lots of stuff here too! cool images and transitions! ! this is one of your best!
you write well Mango..but you are more talented than that....keep writing...cheers...! !
Yes, a pearl. And wise. Thank you.
Just catchs my mood at the monment, merry christmas and a good new year.