Love To Hate

Love to hate.
Hate to love. But most of all.
See above.

Love is like a glove. That doesn't fit.
Love is murder and the feeling you get.

Love is a game cuz its so innocent.
Then you realize its over and she just doesn't give a shit.

Love is like a tight rope one wrong step and you fall.
Worst of all, love is like good day, pretty soon its gone.

Now don't think i'm just bad guy.
I just hate lies, and love isn't one I like to try

So next time you see me don't talk to me,
walk away before you find these sucidal tendencys that tend to be like exstacy becuase then you'll see, next to me

Love is just a thing to hate.
So exscape before it's god damn too late!

by Ron Farmer

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SO true! Well written