Love To It Has Many Sides

Love to it has many sides and feelings and of love's ways little I can claim to know
You will not find it in the fields and hedgerows and on bushes and on trees it does not grow
Quite different to passion and infatuation the feelings of love grown on intimacy
The many ways of love seem very complex and in truth seems too big a thing for me.

Love has to be more than a one way feeling unrequited love does have a darker side
A feeling that is not reciprocated cannot be love when by one it is denied
True love is a feeling that has to be mutual for it to be love it has to be this way
You tell me at last you have found your soulmate oh lucky you is all I have to say.

Of love and it's great joys and disappointments the poets and writers write and the singers do sing
A mutual love has to be very special since such in life is not a common thing
You may well love someone who does not love you though that does seem a waste of energy
Though such feelings beyond one's control it does seem and more the pity it does seem to be.

Love in the commercial world is big business of the love lives of the rich and famous magazines and papers sell
From selling exclusive wedding and baby photos to publishers celebrities financially do well
But celebrity marriages often end in acrimony when the love they felt loses it's inner glow
And it took a wise one to say in the first place that love on trees and bushes does not grow.

by Francis Duggan

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