Lingering Fragrance

The pain of immobility and silence;
suffocating with their mystic mockery.
And the lingering fragrance of prophecy
exists only within hidden footsteps.
Life is just an empty shadow
but life is all I have.

Secondary emotion dispelled by reason,
Must I acquiesce to a magnified anguish?
As I desperately grope for clarity
I find only my tailored paradox.
I’ve been betrayed by this sadistic melancholy;
but its ink still smears my page.

by Robert Siney

Comments (2)

Hi Denis Joe, Thanks for your comments. I've forwarded them to Tran Da Tu. He'll be very touched, I'm sure. You can read more about this poet at the website, 'wikivietlit.'
It is strange how there appears to be parrelels with today. War is of great concern. The imagery of this is incredible. 'On a hammock swinging between two smashed poles' is truely horrific; and moreso than the obviousness of children in situations of horror. The final stanza is perhaps the most horrific, because of its implicated acceptance of horror. This is a powerful piece of writing. I could not read any of the East Asian languages, but does that matter? What needs to copare? This is enough!