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Love Transcends All Barriers

The passing years has wiped most of his memory
As well as leaving him looking weary, old and gray
But his ageing wife she lovingly cares for him
And she tells him that she loves him every day.

Although he doesn't seem to recognize her
And his memory like a wildflower in decay
His children and grandchildren to him strangers
And who are you to them he often say.

And yet her love for him not any lesser
He is her soul mate the love of her life
And he loved her as a man should love his woman
And to him she remains his devoted wife.

'Tis true indeed that love transcends all barriers
She loves him as she loved him years ago
Yet to him she does seem a complete stranger
The one he loved he does not even know.

He is fading quickly his end for him is nearing
And the clock on his life is beginning to tick fast
But she loves him now as she has loved him always
And she will love him till he breathes his last.

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