Love Triangle

How do you face him?
When you are facing me
you see two, forgetting theres three
you look at him but you look at me.
you have access to the door handle
believing you are inside the right angle
I make up the numbers in this triangle
and you know I can not open the doors
so you come to my side
when he doesnt come to yours
you have put him in a place he doesnt know hes in
in a love triangle its a game the cheater doesnt win
blow out your unlit candle
because theres three sides to a love triangle
oh before you go. wash your hands with the finest soap
because he cant see me and i cant see him
but you can see us both
you cant love two people. you cant.
If anyone says you can... ill still say you cant.
I dont want to touch you making sure know one sees
I dont wanna be sixty...
making up one hundred and eighty degrees.
you still dont understand do you?
because even if we were in this triangle alone
there`d still be another corner
because this triangle is a three person home

by Daniel McCann

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