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Love Trumps Loneliness
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Love Trumps Loneliness

Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

The power of sex has taken away the power of love.
This is clearly a piece of evidence that supports
how we are living in a world of sin.
Lust is sexual greed after all and
sexual greed is the killer of love.
Sexual greed is not bad to have
when you are young and
have time on your side.
When one matures, one usually
thinks about how they do not
want to be alone for the rest of their lives.
Love trumps loneliness because love takes
you out of yourself and puts you into someone else.
Once two make one, you will never be alone.

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You are so right Cokbod, we progress backwards. You have hit the nail right on the head here, will it go full circle? Who knows! Well written piece. Got me thinking. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX