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Love Turned Upside Down

They thought their love would last a lifetime thought can make a fool of us some say
Their children raised and they both are Re-married and not on speaking terms today
The blaming and counter blaming between them is over and their separate ways they have gone
But bitterness does not die easily and the bad blood between them lives on
'Tis said when love dies after the break up that the hatred is love turned upside down
They loved each other with a passion and often walked hand in hand in the town
But for them 'twas not till death do us part as they parted ways many years ago
Nowadays when they meet between them only silence not even a smile or hello
The flame of love burned out between them for them 'twas not till death do us part
Their children their only connection though their's was an affair of the heart
Till death do us part in some cases so happens to be very true
And to those in love into their old age great credit in heaps does seem due
They loved each other with a passion but the love between them did not last
But the bitterness lingers between them harsh feelings live on from the past.

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