Love Uncertain

I guess you lost your patience,
And found a broken heart.
I should have told you sooner,
Uncertain love's, not smart.

In courting love uncertain,
You can't get any more;
Than what they choose to give you,
I told you this before.

I'm sorry for your feelings.
I know you're very hurt.
But when you take a lover,
You get a just dessert.

So while a cherished moment,
May seem a certain love.
Remember, love forever,
Is what you're dreaming of.

And that is what it is you see.
A dream that can't come true;
As long as you're pursuing,
Uncertain loves, untrue.

So stop, and just consider,
Should you become its wife;
The choice of love uncertain,
Means chosen pain for life.

With painful love considered,
You must now fear the thought.
So run from love uncertain,
It always comes to naught.


Comments (21)

'Love Uncertain' isn't all love uncertain, nothing is ever a guarantee, so when we go into a relationship in love we are uncertain it will last or how it will affect us. nice write, hun.
all I can say is this is amazing! ! !
To say least, i felt when i read the poem. the great. cheers
you're poem is true... but you should understand that some girls are weak and easy to make them fall in love... easy to do whatever you want them to do because they give a 110% when they fall... even there are many playboy or heartbrakers they don't stop believing that someday they will be ending up with the right man... I know guys sometimes wish that there just one woman that will stay beside him forever... keep him company.... make him happy... take care of him... and love him... sure are gifted. this poem really suits me and my condition. great job.
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