Love Unkind

There was a time when we used to laugh
Play games together to make time pass
Watch movies alone in a long embrace
Talk about our day face to face
Sit on our porch and watch the rain
Invite friends over to entertain
Share our dreams, our hopes, and desires
Make plans for our future together by a fire
Travel together and be quite content
In the company of each other in our little tent

There was a time when our love was pure
Simple desires that were so sure
Passion, devotion, emotion, and bliss
We dedicated our love with a ring and a kiss

We married each other one day in May
Had children together and taught them to pray
Shared with them values that were our own
Worked hard together to build them a home
Cheered them on at their swimming meets
Proudly discussed their amazing feats
Volunteered together at school events
Sold candy and greeting cards with sentiments
Bought a second home to get away
Made new friends and continued play
Cherished the moments that we could find alone
Knowing the too soon the kids would be home

Our lives are somewhat different now
Something happened, I am not sure how
Time has passed without much of a sign
Of why I am no longer yours and you are no longer mine

Sitting in separate rooms when at home
Hopelessly wishing to not feel so alone
Passing by each other without a glance
Not really sure if our love is worth a chance
Sleeping in bed, facing the other way
Watching the night until the light of day
Taking the kids on trips alone
Making up stories about why the other stayed home
Wondering how long this indifference can last
Before we decide to make us our past

The feelings we shared, our wishes and dreams
Are no longer felt or spoken it seems
All of those things that we called own
Are nothing but memories of the place we called home
What happened to us is hard to explain
Perhaps the pace of life is what caused our pain
We seem happier apart, seems like a sign
Of a love that is lost, a love now unkind


by Jack Prost

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