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Love Unspoken

Thoughts unspoken, feeling not expressed
A love so secret I dared not reveal
Only with my actions did I confess
A love for you that was anonymous

If only you knew, if I could only declare
The message from my heart of love so real
A love unbiased, a love so pure
A love undaunted, a love so sure

Time stood still, it was unaware
Time was unforgiving to my regret
Of thoughts unspoken and feeling not expressed
And a love was lost without redress

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Well Jack, what can I possible tell you that many other like me may have told you so many times. Your words give you away and definitely Poetry run in your blood! A well penned, romantic and poignant write that bring back of my yesterday.10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your indelible TALENT! If time permits, please read and enjoy my poems and you will see that you are not alone! Love and Peace for always! ...
Hi there Jack! I’ve read your poem, I know it was from within… for the emotions of your secrecy has already revealed. Anyways, it is not really because it is hard… but because there’s always this fear… I even know about this kind of feelings… I know, trust me that I do… but it is really nice to read it from a man. ;)
Your love unspoken has touchedddddddddd me to the core regards anjali +++10
Wow, I just wrote a poem simliar to this. I agree with the message here that love sometimes can be hard to express.