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Love Untold
SW (September 21,1991 / Forestville, CA)

Love Untold

Poem By Samantha White

Her eyes so full of hope and light
now turn so dark no longer bright.
Her smiling lips and perfect soul,
No longer exist, her heart he stole.
She truly believed he was the one;
He'd become her light, her only sun.
But for a while she went away,
He told her in his heart she'd stay.
But he waited not long before loving again,
when she came back all she felt was pain.
Seeing him with her just tore her apart,
She'd kept her promise, he stayed in her heart.
But he didn't realize what he'd lost,
didn’t know in the end her life it would cost.
She tried for months, even years to hold on,
but what could she do, her soul was gone.
Torn and shattered just like her heart,
His world to slowly fell apart.
He always remembered her smiles and eyes;
He tried and failed to believe the lies.
He told himself he no longer loved her,
but knew he'd only be happy when they were together.
Slowly dying day by day,
everything she was quickly faded away.
She felt so broken for years and years,
walked through the rain shedding silent tears.
Finally one day her heart stopped beating,
the words in her head had kept repeating.
'I loved him so much but he just forgot,
now forever to the world I will be lost.'
To the world she closed her eyes forever,
it was only in death they could be together.
He found her lying there, silent and cold,
His eyes filled with tears because of a love untold.
He lay beside her with her hand in his,
Died from a broken heart and death's final kiss.
An everlasting bond through their shattered hearts,
Together forever never again to be apart.

By: Samantha White

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