Love Vs. Evil

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I skipped and ran across the field
To find love so that this world can be healed
This world was hurt with evil’s knife
I wanted to fight and bring it back to life.

I skipped and ran across the field and
Bumped into a man who seemed to have secrets concealed.
I asked him why the evil always wins,
He replied by saying that evil and love are twins.

Where there is love, evil follows
In matters of love evil always pokes its nose.
It envies love and the joy it brings
Hence it attacks love and cuts off its wings.

Evil may seem to be winning all the time
But love prepares for a counter attack in the meantime.
It weaves together the broken threads
And in the backfire the mammoth of evil it beheads.

The man’s answer was so very true,
When evil takes over the world, the love comes to its rescue.
Convinced that the man was a genius or maybe even God
I asked him to permit me to fight evil and give me a love squad.

Mighty impressed with me he handed me a bag
I dug my hand in and pulled out two tags.
One said Evil, one said love
I took out the love and evil in the bag I shoved.

He asked me why I took the love and kept the evil hidden
I said because love is lacking while the world is evil ridden.
So I held on to love and gave a piece of it to everyone
Spreading love till evil’s defeat was done.

Healed world now winked at me
Love is magical did you see?
The man blessed me with a nod of approval
And titled me his ‘angel’ to take on all evil.

So I skipped and ran back from the field
Believing to have met God, a last glance towards him I did steal.
Spiritually rejuvenated with this divine encounter
I decided to spread love thereafter.

Because sometimes a little love is all it takes
To fight evil and forgive all mistakes.
God is with you, just run across that field
Seek love & God, thus shall be revealed.

(21 May,2006)

Comments about Love Vs. Evil

Evil also has a hidden love, by befriending evil with love is when love overcomes evil and a new friend with mutual love walk hand and hand like your poem very much
And titled me his ‘angel’ to take on all evil.-This suits Preeti-An Angel of this 21st Century who is for love and not for evil-A good poem.
A very enjoyable piece; well done!
Very nice. I enjoyed it =)
And may there be more angels like you: -) Lovely poem

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