Love, Walks, Music, Books.

The bench I rest upon, is
not yet fully in the sun -
but the morning is so mild,
and my walk's not nearly done.

The silence seems so odd,
the traffic's nearly nil -
no breeze disturbs the air,
on this winter's day so still.

Bill Williams Mt. to the north,
recalls a mountain man of years ago -
just to the west of Flagstaff,
its summit now, crowned with snow.

Five thousand feet feet below,
perched here, upon this bench -
I ponder of life's journey,
with the sometimes monkey wrench.

And satisfied with love and walks,
content with music and my books -
I'm filled with peace and harmony,
and life's ever-changing looks.

by David Lessard

Comments (2)

You have captured a love of the outdoors, and a contentment that is so vital for happiness. Wonderful ideas and writing.
Blessed contentment - one of God's greatest gifts. You are so lucky. May it stay with you always.