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Love Was Always A Losing Game
JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)

Love Was Always A Losing Game

How can you mend a broken heart?
Is it even possible?
How do you pick yourself back up?
When all has fallen apart?
Love was always a losing game
With your heart on the line
Whether you win or lose
You pay the price
I only cheated myself
By believing in you
The tragedy of a moment
When truth comes true
I may not be a saint
But guilt will overcome you
Your reluctant confessions shall fall on deaf ears
To change this,
There is nothing you can say nor do.
I knew it all before you spoke.
Knowing, as if I’d read you like a open book
As I walk out the door and out of your life for good
I’d prefer you not to look
I want it as if I just disappeared
As a result of your own insincerity
That moment you had
In contempt of me

(13 / 01/ 2010)

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