Love What A Beautiful Word

Once we were born of the flesh, and was a small child. Now its time to be born of the spirit. How to be born of the spirit of God? Search your heart and find all the love. Your Jesus is waiting for you, open your heart wide and ask him to come in and take over your life. The new birth is when Jesus is living in us. He will show us how to be happy here on this earth. He died so that you and I could go the Heaven, Heaven what a beautiful sound. Heaven with all the love you could find and pile it up until its the BIGGEST MOUNTAIN in the world and there is what you will find in heaven. LOVE, LOVE for everyone. LOVE it can take away SORROW, HURT, JEALOUSY, GOSSIP, FEAR, HATE and its such a little word. LOVE, LOVE IS GOD, GOD IS LOVE. But that one word is GOD. John 3-16 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Do you have it? Are you searching for it? LOVE, LOVE IS GOD, GOD IS LOVE. He loves me and you and he forgives Sin. I'm his child and he is my father in heaven. You too can open your heart and find the love. LOVE IS GOD, GOD IS LOVE. You have only to ask him and he will come into your heart. He is only waiting for you to open your heart so that the love can flow through the veins of your body. What a beautiful sound, LOVE, LOVE IS GOD, GOD IS LOVE.

by Connie Lucille Ourada Varner

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