Love, What Once Was

A wonderful couple,
So deep in love,
And love as they say will cure,
The loneliness and emptiness,
Love would perpetually be there, she was so sure,
Well, the days went by,
And I'd see her cry,
Oh, so many nights,
Yet I didn't perceive why,
It was love she longed for,
Waiting for it day after day in her thoughts and dreams amongst the heavenly shores,
She called onto the Angels to open their doors,
And let out the gift that she pledged to unceasingly adore,
And so the Angels did as she prayed,
Gave her love, without a legitimate name,
Although she was too blind to see,
The man she loved, was not who she wished him to be,
Weeks and,
Months spent together,
And now unsure if she wanted it to last forever,
For in these days, nights, weeks and months that past them by,
He did things and said things that let out a painful cry,
She recollected the day they met, the first time she smiled,
And now, abruptly seeing him and being with him wasn't all worth while,
Yes, all those stories he told, were nothing more than lies,
He knew what he was doing,
Took an immaculate girls life,
And taking what he wanted from her, because to him it was alright,
But when she skirled and jostled, and he saw the tears in her eyes,
He carried on, his love was without demise,
Too scared to leave him, now he was a threat,
And too scared to be with him,
He might induce again, and again she would regret,
The torment and affliction was something that she would never, ever forget,
More and more days drove by,
And finally she graveled the courage to stare him in the eyes,
And muttered in a futile voice, 'Good-bye'
Turning her back on him, contemplating the memories as they emanated by,
They will incessantly be there to haunt her even after she dies,
Moving on with her life,
Reprieving to God, yearning him to codone her,
For only His mercy and graciousness will save her,

* * *

Life has so many diverse colors,
Love has so many divergent shades,
Pain has so many dissimilar figures,
But God will always bide the same,
We are His creations,
He gave us love and hate,
But also a mind to use, when Satin is unshackled from his cage,
So you see,
Infatuation bears along with it torment and pain,
And lust conveys the same,
But if you find faithful love,
Give it a apropos name,
May God be with you,
And may His blessings wash away the rain...

by Hoda Elomari

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