(September 15 / Vallejo)

Love, Why Not?

How can words be used to explain,
That a heart needs no reason to seek.
Even though love is just a luxury,
It seems to be so unique.
I spent my days just praying to god it would be mine,
Only to find it was a waste of time.
I'm the only one who can make me love.
So I can open it to anyone I choose.
The biggest problem that stands tall now is,
In these games of chance, I usually lose.

by Kye Kurion

Comments (5)

I liked the fact that the poem was short and you didn't waste any words. The meaning was clear, though I don't agree precisely on everything, that's not here nor there. You have obviously written a lot of poems so I will have to read more at some point to learn more about your style. Nicely done young fellow. Greenwolfe 1962
wow...i like this poem its really true but i think you could add something to it kinda like the pain it brings with it emotionally but thats just my suggestion its great how it is though sorry if it seems like i want to change your poem but i dont i was just giving you an idea
love others whole heartedly and smile............one day, i assure you, someone will notice all the love in you and love you back................ i like this one ALOT
I love this poem. i kinda relates to me in a way. either way its amazing.
a lot of truth fills your poem great one!