NH (2/18/1963 / ohio)

Love Will Find You

Love will find you
When you are down
It will help you smile
And lift up your frown

Love will find you
And touch you in your heart
So to even try and deny it
Just wouldn't be very smart

Love will find you
Right when you least expect
Oh and you'll surely know
Once it takes its affect

Love will find you
With its guidance from Heaven
And on a scale from one to ten
You'll find it's at least eleven

Love will find you
And help your heart to mend
On that you find so true
I guarantee it my friend

wrote 3/7/2008 by Norman Hale Jr.

by norman hale

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So true, i'm bitter right now about love but thank you for sharing you cheered me up it is really sweet poem and written very well. **Hugz**