Love Your Father

People who see their fathers,
Like practically everyday,
Should love them like there's no tomorrow,
Even if you think he may never go away.
So tell him that you love him,
Say it nice and loud.
I'd do anything to see my father,
Or even make him proud.
For I hardly ever see my dad,
And when I do we don't talk.
He hardly ever shows he loves me,
Mainly when we go for a walk.
But when he does I cherish it,
Cause I never know just when.
He'll show he really loves me,
Ever, ever again.
I wish he would just ring me,
More than just once a week.
But when I get on the phone,
I don't even want to speak.
I write this with a broken heart,
My tears have all run dry.
I think I have lost count,
How many times I cry.
It's such a shame,
My love goes no where.
For someone who,
Never shows they care.
So love your father,
Love him true.
But if you don't,
That's up to you.

by Shazza Rixx

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