Love Yourself

When you look in the mirror
what do you see?
is the person whose looking back
the person you want to be?

Maybe you wish you were a bit taller
maybe you wish your ears were smaller
perhaps you would like to change your nose
have better feet and nicer toes

Maybe you wish you had a more attractive face
wider hips and a thinner waist
maybe you would like a broader chest
a flatter tummy and bigger breast

Many things about your body
you could complain about
you are unhappy with they way
you turned out

The way you look to others
might cause you to feel rejected
all you want is to fit in, be loved and accepted

If that's they way you were made
then what can you do?
First you have to start loving yourself
and then others will start loving you.

by Paul Adolphus

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This's an excellent poem, you written the emotions of so many people when they look at their body in mirror.. And I like the theme in the end lines, , , you wrote there the truth of life...