Loved And Lost

I met her when we started working together
We got on well, she was friends with my mother.
We both enjoyed spending time with each other
Our friendship bloomed as we trusted one another.

She made me feel so safe and secure
It felt so natural, why would people find it obscure?
Some would say I was young and confused
But I know how I felt, she kept me smiling and amused.

She offered me a place to stay
When things kicked off at home and I needed to get away.
She owuld always take my side
As we tried to cross the stormy tide.

At first we didn't want people to know
So we were free to come and go.
We were together for three and a half years
And thought telling her Dad would be our greatest fear.

But my oh my how we got it wrong
Her family were great, supportive and strong.
But then came the time of telling my mother
She said if it continued, I would be cut off from her and my brothers.

Mum hated the fact that we were together
So I had to lie, sneak around and hope she didn't blow my cover.
Why couldn't she accept that I was happy and in love?
Is it beacause she was frightened that she would no longer reamin 'the Gov'?

Mum tried her best to interfere
Stopping me from going out so that we couldn't be near.
But then mum the bitch, she made me choose
Between my lover and my family, either way I would lose.

It broke my heart when I told her it had to come to an end
And that I hoped she would still continue to be my friend.
She will always be someone who is special to me
It is better to have loved and lost, I had to let her go free.

It has been over three years since we split and I wrote this poem hoping that it would explain a few things to her as to why things had to sadly come to an end. I am so sorry if I ever hurt her and was never my intentions and I am so glad that she decided to remain friends with me and not give up all together. We shall always have a special friendship xxxx

by Hannah Davies

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