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Loved Her
HAJ hazem al jaber (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Loved Her

i loved her, if that what was a love...
i loved her, without an order from myself...
my heart cling with her...
and become think about her...
more than think about myself...
she became my all life..
became every thing in my life..
even more dearer than myself...

loved her..
yes i loved her, if that was a love..
is that a love, which we know..

i heard before about love..
and saw a lovers..
i was derided to that word before, ..
and derided from all whom are in love..
and always asked myself, , is there a love now...? ? ?
wasn`t` believe in that before..

but now i feel that..
and i fall, sure i did..
and know, how great that word is..

yes, i fall now with her..
after i saw her and saw how lovely she is...
i didn`t feel that before...
and didn`t know that, how love can make a miracles..

yes loved her..
yes loved you..
and wish that i can meet you soon, ..
to tell you,

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