Loved...Or Not Loved

They say love grows with time, i believe it.
Because since i been with you,
i find myself so much more in love with you.
But it also hurts to see that love often
drifts and fades away.
In memory i see laughter and long talks
about everything and anything.
Not a moment goes by that i dont cherish it!
You've been the best thing in my life,
next to the kids!
And every second that ticks,
Sparks another flare of love that i
have for you.
i love you so much more then it discribes
in any dictionary.
And the mere thought of losin you
would be traumatic! ..

by Phats Love

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If you have not lost him as of yet, enjoy each moment to the fullest.
Sandra, you have described very beautifully how I feel about my wife. A wonderful poem. Top marks from me and thanks for sharing it my friend. David