Loveless Life

The early morning sun creeps into the room
with the promise of a new day.
i stir from my sleep
an unfamiliar room greets me
the only sound is her breathing
her long slender body lays motionless
i gaze around the room
for a few minutes holding a passport into her life
memories and momentos adorn the shelves
a feeling of envy runs through my body
for i have locked my memories away
along with my dreams theyll stay
an arm around my waist
to the hunter
the spoils of the chase
i look at her face
she has no love
she has no feeling
i leave her sleeping
this is the life i lead now
i need no cupids arrow
that route only leads to sorrow

by christopher murphy

Comments (2)

Very sad indeed. To spend the night with someone who couldn't give you love is like riding a bus with a stranger sitting beside you. Excellent write.
Sad.... it doesn't have to be this way. What a clear picture you have painted in my mind with the words written here.