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Loveless Life
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Loveless Life

To soon to say it's not working, to real to believe it's true.
To empty to know the difference when love has ruined you.

Bleeding on the inside, smiling on the out.
Waking to find an answer that no one has yet to figure out.

Taking everything to heart, leaving no stone UN-turned.
Were did I go wrong, why now does it still hurt.

Uneven in my life this battle I must fight,
Were love is my emeny and living is my prize.

You do not know the heartache I bare or the scars that have been left.
You only know what you wish to see and that's not much I expect.

Turning to find my way, will there be a road.
Where I have myself back and along with that my self-worth.

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