Loveliest Divine Rose

He and she, young sanyasins
Together served a brahmacharin guru
In an ashram isolated in a wood;
Both virtuous, deeply enlightened souls,
Loved each other from depths of souls;
Inseparable they were, always together,
Devoted alike in grief and joy,
They lived, one soul, in lives two.

The glow of love in their lives,
The bliss they derived from each other,
The bond of love that enlivened them
Made their guru jealous of both;
Her devotion to him created huge hole
In vows of shattered brahmacharin;
In the flare of rising jealous fury,
The guru forgot services they did
And cursed her to part from her love,
Life after life in inconsolable grief,
And endlessly both suffer in their love.


Both met each other in nineteen sixty-nine,
At glorious noon of October twenty-nine,
Twenty each they were, going on twenty-one,
Older six months and married she was
With three kids already in her fold;
She fell in love with him forthwith;
He took two months to know the truth,
And loved her back with all his warmth -
She found no bounds to her great joy,
But, alas, her state denied that height,
For, familial bounds shackled her life;
She struggled in vain to distance from him,
And in shabby dress, tried to help him
To disengage him from the spell he was in;
Anyway, fate conspired to separate them,
And parted both, tears in their eyes
On twenty-ninth of March of next year.

She soon died by burning herself
On June twenty-ninth of the same year,
The day he was born many years back;
He learnt of the death a fortnight since,
Devastated he was, in unbearable grief,
Attempted her path in November next
By pills in excess that adduce sleep;
Coincidences unnatural conspired then,
And providence brought his act to naught,
He returned home from medical care;
Fallen and broken, he believed always,
His love went to death to rejoin him soon
As young and unmarried girl for him;
He counted days and years of her
In her new life she assumed for him,
Hoping her advent at age of twenty-one
As in former life, in nineteen ninety-five.

But, alas, years rolled unmindful of his count,
Nineteen ninety-five rolled to millennium next;
No trace of her advent truly shattered his heart,
Perhaps lost path in far galaxies, he thought.


They met by chance on March twenty-nine
Of two thousand and four in Bangalore;
She was twenty-four and going on twenty-five,
He was fifty-five, and then married and old;
Past life her stirred, and her soul saw him,
And she found him special on the first day itself;
Unknown of the why, and how of deep stirs,
She loved him from soul as days weeks rolled,
And oft she flummoxed of her passions for him;
Familial rules did reign in her at times,
And she often withdrew to shell of social codes;
But not for long, and she bounce back again,
And this to and fro continued all that year.

He immensely liked her simple sincere soul,
Her honest openness, unbound sweet charm,
Quiet elegance and genial grace she spread,
Her warmth, unfading smile, shine on bright eyes,
Kind and gentle talk, and god-like lovely look,
And special care she showed to his simple needs;
He saw as time passed, she deeply loved him,
But flummoxed why she often withdrew from him,
Why acted as of that he counted naught to her -
That angered him a lot, oft he shouting at her;
But never had she lost her cool to that fury,
Just hung her head sadly as if she was sorry;
While he felt sorry by that untimely fury
And sought her many a time to pardon him,
She replied always, really he must pardon her.

He took ten months to know her inner struggle,
The lonely struggle she fought in her deep love -
Is she his hope from the long lost past,
Coming late to life to fulfill failed hope? -
He believed her advent, second time in life,
And in that lonely strength, in spite of old age,
He declared deep love to his loyal girl.

She remembered not her past or deep love it had,
She only knew her love in present life for him,
And her fear within, how he treats her love;
His talk of deep love brought her to ecstatic bliss,
She found heaven on Earth, her life, pristine gold,
Eager she was to devote her all to him;
But, alas, it dawned, he was a married man,
And her interflow messes up his married life;
She chose to suffer alone to protect his secure life
And keep her fully devoted deep only in her soul
To him, and him alone, all through her life,
Without any man, and interest out of him:
It was her firm resolve, sprouted from her soul;
But, whether she can keep to her own resolve
While living as a part of the societal network?

He was in a fix, knowing past and present,
She was firm on path to follow tapasvini life;
Indeed his heart broke, soul tore to shreds,
While she distanced him, and shattered her life
In the wrench of cruel fate under social pressures;
It is her golden soul and the diamond resolve
That carried her forth in spite of hellish fall;
Like phoenix she rose, my loveliest divine rose,
And lives tapasvini life, in devotion to her man.

She lives always for him, and he, always for her,
She lives always in him, and he, always in her,
Love in hearths of both shining undiminished,
Though never she allows him anywhere near her,
Lest their intense passions harm his family life;
Both in grief live, yearning to meet other,
But, never ever they meet for years and decades;
She cruelly rebuts him while he tries to meet,
And she lives austere secluded life within,
Always in his thoughts, always devoted to him,
As he lives his life in devotion to her life
In soul, mind and body devoted to her thoughts;
Yet the script of their lives, remain incomplete
And Brahman yet to decide how to complete it;
Whether they would meet, and rejoin for all time,
And find fulfillment of their long suffered love,
Or the cycle of that grief continue for more lives,
And old curse they had, wrench them far more,
They certainly know not, but bear all for each other.

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