So if somebody always fights is it worth being together?
So i have came to conclusion that we like people becasue they
are the exact opposite of 'perfect'. We like the people because
thier flaws are the greatest quality. If we were all flawless we
would all be the same as in 'normal' and 'perfect'. So basically
we like people because their everthing we never wanted nor
ever dreamed about. As a little girl i dreamed about being
with 'prince charming' and now i dream of having the dorkie
lover. The fights and break-ups are worth it because we always
come off stronger than what we were before. Thats my other
subject, we decide to be with the person that could hurts us the
most, but the ones that are worth loving are the hardest to love.
We would all rather comfort the people that mean the most to us
than our own sleves.

by Jessica Shelton

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This is a hard core of philosophy.Not for the weak of heart. Probably not shared by many. But it is well presented, and it is well stated. That is what I like to see. GW62