Poem By Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun

Waiting as morning lifts these weary eyes,
laying unconcerned as night whispers goodbye.
Like lilies in springtime which fail to ever bloom,
I sealed all feeling, as yearning lay entombed.

Perils ease away in this daylight rendered,
passing dreams that strayed, awake unremembered.
Greeting soft the sunlight which slowly peeks within,
alighting all my hopes to maybe love again.

Shallow hearts shalt fathom deepness of this love forlorn,
wilting like a dieing rose surrenders to her thorns.
Helpless as gushing pain takes the place of love,
longing binds to loss now filling me beyond above.


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As sun will pierce, the white of snow will melt,
Though winter slain the green of blades to brown.
Can love endure without a chilling welt?
To warm within and melt all ice surround.

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Here is your Hell...
no purgatory lay waiting.
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To those who lay broken
and those without a voice,
To those who have fallen
and those without a choice.


Absent, is the feeling
though it's growing deep within,
While dreams are up for waking
this day has reached an end.


This calming river, a surface like glass
where deeper below emotions surpass
in longing for something more...