Lovely And Euphoric

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

There is no brochure-vacation paradise
More perfect than this silent place
When I meditate in the afternoon
Gazing out windows onto the sunlit avenue.

Why do I complain like a disappointed child
With a broken Christmas gift?
My heart knows happy songs
Even during long stretches of being alone.

I belong in heaven’s fields
Praying for the people I adore
And cherishing every smiling face I see.

I’m lovely and euphoric with mad desire to celebrate
Every gorgeous hour of my breath
Allowing me to partake in the enchanted joy
Of beautiful humanity.

I’ve been sad before
And wept in lonely rooms,
But I’ll be remembered in café conversations
And in the wineglass laughter
Where music was playing
And sweet friends were dancing.

Comments about Lovely And Euphoric

You are a very talented writer......your writes gets attention from start to finish.
10 for your beautiful.positive write. May your poetic window on the world always be sunlit. Take care. Always your friend at poemhunter, Sandra
What a super piece of writing Uriah, a lovely poem for the forlorn. We all get moments like this in our lives, especially if one lives alone, and yet there is so much to see and appreciate. Thanks for this, I really loved it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I found the title to be in absolute perfect tune with this glorious work of art of yours, I can hardly call it poetry, it is more like a main line feeling to the heart and soul. Cool work as usual, smiling at you, serenity itself, Tai
Thanks for sharing This poem with me I found this poem to be rewarding

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