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Lovely Flower Standing There
ES ( / Chester, CT, USA)

Lovely Flower Standing There

Lovely flower standing there in innocence and purity
What makes you so serenely still
So centered in your essence?
Can nothing touch your quiet peace?
Your presence seems so self complete. We are so different, you and I, you're not like me at all!
You have no conflicts, no despair
But there's so much I'd like to share
If you could understand. I touch your velvet softness and smell your fragrant breath
My face against you, flower,
We share a soft caress
And somehow I am blessed.
No Separation If love and death walk side by side
I'll take them both within my stride
Because I know the truth , you see,
That nought can take what's mine from me
And love exists eternally. If love and death can tear apart
And crush and kill the breaking heart
I will not long the victim be nor will I let this misery
Conceal the truth I know to be
Our love is for eternity.

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