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Lovely Heart
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Lovely Heart

Poem By Miss Fairytale

Do you ever stare
into the eyes of a beautiful soul
and wonder how many memories they hold?
How many thoughts they've had of you
How many dreams you've shared.

How many times have you known you were right,
and watched him whilst he slept at night,
Told him that he's worth so much
Held him as cried his pain away
Thinking you could drown in those eyes,

Painful tears that wash nothing away
Tears that no one else can see,
Because the only girl he loves is me.

When your eyes drip
I want to kiss the anguish away
Hug you so tight that
I might squeeze your pain away.

When your soul cries for mine I give it to you,
In that moment I could die for you.
Keep my soul safe,
I'll never take it back,
Lock it away
Kiss it when you need to.

I promise to care for your lovely heart.

December 2003

[ For M.C ]

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very nice poem an this is a great one
M.C= 'Master of Ceremonies? ' Wonderful poem. I needs' ma' poem fix fer da day starts. ~Sarah