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Lovely Ladies At 95 Years
JH ( / Calistoga, California, USA)

Lovely Ladies At 95 Years

Poem By Joe Holthaus

In beautiful Calistoga,
Known as "Heaven on Earth"
Two lovely ladies live,
Across from each other on Lake Street.
Because of their advanced years,
Their way of life should be copied.
Life for them never gets boring,
You'll never find them idle,
Or in bed merely snoring.
There are books to read,
Flowers that need smelling,
Garden paths to walk
Stories that need telling,
Song birds that need a listening ear,
"God's" creatures need attention,
Friends to cheer when their life is dreary,
All of the above will rid you of your tension.
They say enjoy life there is much to do,
For every day brings something new.

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