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Lovely Pair

they enter hand in hand.
he supports her body
with hands that encompass her
he carries her; delicate
and makes sure to take care of her
wrap her up tight
shield her from fierce rains, strong winds,
and heavy snows.
he is everlasting support
lifting her up high where all can see
her head resting lightly on his shaped shoulder.
the curves of her body shine
under the bright lights now
a delicate embrace
which everyone studies
he draws his fingers back and forth
and up and down her spine
her long arms rapidly tremble
and her voice is a shrill cry that
covers a room with reassurance
she has his full respect,
his whole heart,
and his entire soul;
as much as he moves a crowd,
with each word she sings
he dedicates himself to her.
she rings out in desperation
he has worn her to the bone
out of pure glory and pride.
yes, they are envious
but he will never have her charm
and her ability to captivate
the way that she has done so to him
for through her, he understands the world
and through this lovely pair, the world understands.

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