AW (March,27,1994 / )

Lovely Poison

Your love was poisoned, still I took more.
Pain fills my glass once again.
Till I’m twisted on the floor, still drinking your poison even after you’re just a shadow on my door.
Sweetened with love, soured with lies.
Misery spare me from the hurt and the blood.
Will someone ever hold me without shattering me, and toss me to the ground like a broken toy?
Tainted poison in my heart, please don’t tear me apart.
Drunk on your poison, and twisted on the floor.
Misery spare me, somebody save me.
I can see little lights, shining brilliant.
Misery spare me, poison love me again.
Sweetened with love and drowned with warmth.
Is how I want my poison to taste.
Someone thread me together, I’m falling apart.
Misery spare me from the pain and the lies.
Sunshine be my poison, moon be my love, and night sky save me from the hurt and the blood.

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