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Lovely Scar
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Lovely Scar

a name is written here
upon my heart.
it burned this melting fiery path
that descended
my stepladder throat and
invaded my core.
it allowed piercing
blue winter brightness
to flood the brown-dark well
where once i hid my face
and labored
in obscurity. (i never had frostbite
before this) it hurt.
its dark taste
soaked into my flesh,
and seared its murmur
into my voice, it scarred me
until i was no longer
just myself.
i made
i became

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Comments (2)

this poem brings deep feelings and makes people live again, sadly- amazing! thanks
i love it. this is incredible stuff, mi vida. but whose name is on your heart? is this a bad thing, or a good? you'd better watch out, or you'll find yourself inspiring another poem from me. =)